Essential Guide to Bansko

Shops and Entertainments...within a short walk from Bansko Royal Towers

When you've done everything you can at Bansko Royal Towers but still want more, there's plenty to do within just half a mile. More shopping, entertainment and nightlife just a stones throw away.

Bansko Town

1) Bansko's outdoor ice rink is a two minute walk away from Banskop Royal Towers.

2) The 'Happy End', Bansko's favourite Apres-Ski bar. 200 metres away

Bansko Royal Towers

3) Casino, about a quarter of a mile away

4) The Bowling Alley, about a quarter of a mile away

5) Several excellent Mehanas (local cafes) lie within a very short walk

6) Bansko Mall. Bansko's only shopping centre is next door to Bansko Royal Towers

Bansko Royal Towers

7) The Lion Pub is an easy 10 muinute walk and is open 24 hours for food, football matches, dancing and fun.

8) BanskoSport. 30metres from BRT. Ski and Snowboard hire. First class service...they even sharpen your skis mid-week.

Bansko Royal Towers

9) Bansko Town Square, home to the Jazz Festival, Folk Festival and gatherings of all sorts throughout the year.

10) Bansko's excellent public tennis courts

Bansko Royal Towers

11) The Holy Trinity Orthodox church in Bansko is the largest Orthodox temple in the Balkans dating back to 1835, when Bulgaria was still under Ottoman domination.

12) One of the towers of the Holy Trinity Church

13) Mehanas are 'everywhere'!! They are local tavernas where you can have a coffee or spend an evening. Either way, you'll have a wonderful time and leave wondering how you managed into spend so little.

Bansko Royal Towers

Μπάνσκο Πληροφορίες

Bansko Royal Towers, Greek

Υπάρχουν πολλές περιοχές που βλέπουν και τα πράγματα να κάνουν στο Μπάνσκο. Πολλές καφετέριες για λίγο να βλέπεις τους ανθρώπους, την εκκλησία της Αγίας Τριάδος, το οποίο είναι το παλαιότερο Ορθόδοξο ναό στα Βαλκάνια, που χρονολογείται από το 1885, πολλά μουσεία και μια αρκούδα ιερό.

Καταστήματα και Διασκέδαση ... σε μικρή απόσταση με τα πόδια από το Bansko Royal Towers

Όταν έχετε εξαντλήσει τον εαυτό σου στο βουνό και να κάνει ό, τι στο Bansko Royal Towers, υπάρχει ακόμα πολλά να κάνουμε μέσα σε 500 μέτρα. Περισσότερα ψώνια, διασκέδαση και νυχτερινή ζωή βρίσκονται σε κοντινή απόσταση με τα πόδια.

Υπαίθριο παγοδρόμιο του Μπάνσκο και το μπαρ «Happy End», η οποία είναι τόπος ένα από τα αγαπημένα «après-ski». Μια Alley Casino και Bowling, μερικές εξαιρετικές ταβέρνες, συμπεριλαμβανομένης της Lion Bar το οποίο είναι ένα από τα πιο ζωντανά μπαρ στο Μπάνσκο ... και το εμπορικό κέντρο του Μπάνσκο, μόνο το εμπορικό κέντρο του Μπάνσκο, που είναι δίπλα στο Bansko Royal Towers.

Bansko Informaţii

Bansko Royal Towers, Romanian

Există multe site-uri pentru a vedea şi de lucruri de făcut în Bansko. Multe cafenele doar pentru oameni uitam, Biserica Sfânta Treime, care este cea mai veche templu ortodoxe din Balcani datează din 1885, mai multe muzee şi un sanctuar urs.

Magazine şi Distracţii ... în termen de o scurtă plimbare de la Bansko Royal Towers

Când te-ai epuizat pe munte şi a făcut tot ce era în Bansko Royal Towers, mai există încă multe lucruri de făcut în termen de 500 de metri. Mai multe cumpărături, divertisment şi viaţă de noapte se află la o scurtă plimbare.

Bansko patinoar de gheaţă în aer liber şi "Happy End", bari, care este locul preferat "apres-ski". O alee Casino şi Bowling, unele taverne excelente, inclusiv Lion Bar, care este una dintre cele mai pline de viaţă baruri din Bansko şi ... Mall Bansko, Bansko centru comercial numai, care este alături de Bansko Royal Towers.

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